The UK’s largest CCTV Virtual guarding company

Elite is the UK’s largest CCTV Virtual guarding company providing live instant digital HD images upon detection of unauthorised intruders with private and Police response.

CCTV is the fastest developing sector of the security market, and Elite Group are confident in being the market leader in this competitive industry. 

Digital CCTV is now used and recommended by Local Authorities, Police Forces and related services as well as construction and commercial buildings as the major means of crime prevention. It is the most cost effective means of providing full site security to prevent intruders, stop vandalism and to monitor health and safety issues.

Elite has almost 25 years experience in the industry and are proud to be the major force behind the electronic surveillance systems, working with manufacturers to increase the capabilities of future system developments. We are at the forefront of all types of CCTV installations, ranging from domestic, commercial to major construction sites. Our trained engineers will survey each site free of charge to ensure our clients receive a tailor made system to meet their requirements.

We currently monitor over 200 sites live in the UK with over 300 mobile instant response vehicles and local Police resources.
Everyone claims to help you save money, but the Virtual Guarding Service we offer has really given our customers significant savings.

The Elite Electronic Guarding Service

Over the last 20 years the battle between Traditional Manned Guarding and Electronic Guarding has been a ferocious one, with the balance of power in the past favouring Security Guards.

The potential cost savings, coupled with huge advances in digital camera technology has started to tip the balance away from guarding and into cameras, voice over IP and remote monitoring.

Many people choose to have Security Guards instead of cameras, and feel this may be more effective. However, the table below clearly demonstrate some of the problems associated with Guards compared to Cameras.


Security Guard

Electronic Guard

Late for work Never late for work
Different guards Always the same guard
Caught sleeping Never sleeps
Leaving site for food Does not leave site
No patrol completed Patrols the site continuously
Language barriers No language barrier
Watching television & DVD's Does not watch television & DVD's
Sleeping bag brought to work Not applicable
Friends visiting site Never
Leaving early Not applicable
Colluding with burglars Not applicable
Cold weather Does not feel the cold
Heating in cabin induces sleep Not applicable
Going to the local pub Not applicable
Illegal guard/no SIA badge Not applicable
Not properly insured Within Insurance Legislation


Established in 1994

Almost 25 years in the security industry means we are uniquely placed in the knowledge that we hold.

The skill of your Security Company is displayed in how well they can ensure that the supply of guards or CCTV limits the above activities as much as possible this often upholds and reflects in the price that we charge.

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