Controlling who has access to your site at all times

Improve day-to-day security within your business with the installation of access control from Elite Security.


Maintaining the security of your premises and reducing the risk of theft

Access control allows you to strictly manage who can come onto your site during any hour of the day. At Elite Security, we have extensive experience in the installation of access control systems for the likes of schools, retail parks construction sites and large commercial properties.


We only install the best solutions on the market

Each business operates differently meaning that each system has to be tailored to the exact environment and requirements. At Elite Security, we don’t believe this can be achieved with off-the-shelf systems which is why we design our systems from the ground up.

By working with the best manufacturers, it provides our clients with reassurance that they’re investing in quality when they choose Elite Security. If you would like to arrange a survey, please get in touch with our Leeds team today.

Access Control Leeds

Access control – LEEDS

Biometric systems from Elite Security

Biometric access control systems are very popular on construction sites and within schools.

Biometric systems enable significant automation and streamlining of worker registration making it easier for those who manage sites and need to know who has entered or left the site.


As your business grows, so does your security

One of the biggest benefits of access control is how scalable they are. Extra keypads and smart locks can be added onto the system at a later date should you be looking to expand your business later down the line.

This is also perfect for the likes of schools that may have a limited budget for access control but may need extra parts added to the system at a later date. If you would like to know more about this, please get in touch with our Leeds team.


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