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Protecting high-value materials and equipment on construction sites with state-of-the-art security

Securing Construction Sites across the Nation

“Construction sites across the UK are estimated to lose £1,000,000 each week to theft and vandalism.”

Construction site security involves physical security measures like our Mobile CCTV Towers that monitor and protect the site from intruders, theft and vandalism.

Effective protection for construction sites nationwide

Early intruder detection with state-of-the-art CCTV

Prevent theft, vandalism and frustrating downtime

24/7 construction site monitoring services

Approximately 6,000 break-ins every year. Resulting in up to £800m in associated costs

Construction Site Security

Mobile CCTV Towers

Our CCTV Towers provide 360° surveillance with auto-tracking for unavoidable detection of intruders.

Manned Guarding

We provide the competitive guarding packages because we are true to our roots and this is how we started.

Site Access Control

Access control systems are a means of managing and restricting who enters a construction site.

Remote Monitoring

We provide dedicated monitoring for construction sites to ensure you’re site is watched over 24/7.

Intruder Detection

We it comes to construction site security, early detection of intruder is vital to reducing damages and loss.

Site Security Planning

We understand the importance of a well design security system. Using the latest technology we provide the best.

We have over 30 years experience in providing effective, proven security services

Our accreditations and approvals represent our ongoing drive to be the very best

We work with construction sites and development companies across the UK

We take pride in our professional customer care, support and honest advice

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Mobile CCTV Towers designed for your site

CCTV towers provide temporary, fast and secure protection. Our system protects people, sites and assets with proven technology.

With valuable equipment and materials, a construction site can be a prime target for criminals. We have developed our Mobile CCTV Towers to stop criminals in their tracks. solutions that are proven to deter and detect intruders.

Our Mobile CCTV Towers offer a rapid deployment system for larger-scale construction sites even when you don’t have access to mains power. We can supply completely self-sufficient with solar panels.

The most visible construction site CCTV towers on the market

Standing at 6.2m, our towers are an imposing sight to opportunists

Deployment in just minutes, in any location

A pound-for-pound, cost-effective security solution

360° Auto-tracking provides unavoidable detection

Low light technology for crystal clear footage even on the darkest of nights

Construction Site Security


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We apply decades of knowledge to deliver a solution that works best for your site and situation. If you would like to find out more, please get in tough with our team.

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