Manage access and movements easier

Our state-of-the-art access control systems put you in control of who comes through your business’ doors during any hour of the day.


Scalable for the future

Additional keypads, smart locks and receivers can be added on at a later date.


No need for keys

Access control systems use more secure keycards and fobs which cannot be copied.


Set access zones

Access control allows you to restrict access to certain parts of your building for certain people.

Access Control

An access control system offers a secure and convenient way of controlling who has access to your building. From simple standalone systems to more intricate networked systems, we are able to deliver solutions for businesses of all sizes.


Working with the best manufacturers and technical developers

We like to stay one step ahead of the criminals and are committed to exploring the latest access control equipment.

By choosing Elite Security, you can guarantee that your property is protected by a quality solution that has been tailored to your exact needs and requirements.

Access Control Leeds

Specialist Systems

Biometric Systems

Construction sites require a fast effective robust system. Hand palm recognition is the only proven biometric access system for this harsh environment due to the swelling of the hands and fingers the palm is the only reliable way to get 100% acceptance every time.

Education and Biometrics

Biometric technology enables significant automation and streamlining of pupil registration and school meal payment, making it easier for teachers, pupils and administrators.

Biometrics uses a system of taking measurements to capture unique characteristics of an individual’s fingerprint and stores these as a coded string of numbers. This means that an image of the fingerprint is not stored nor can it be reconstructed as an image.

Biometric fingerprint recognition technology in schools has been given the thumbs up by Becta, the DCSF and the UK Information Commissioners Office. The new guidance confirms that schools can legally make use of this technology to support their efficient day-to-day management and security.

Specialist Systems

Barriers and Turnstiles

Our turnstile and barrier range is designed and manufactured exclusively for Elite, to meet an exacting and rigorous quality and safety standard. Because we supply all of our turnstiles and barriers directly and install them on your site, we can keep our prices low and our quality high. 

Combination of Technology, People, Processes and Policy

We at Elite firmly believe that developing biometric solutions involves a combination of technology, people, policy and processes. Therefore before recommending any solution our team of experienced biometric consultants evaluates client requirements and existing infrastructures including policy and process issues utilising our Identity Management framework. This allows us to develop bespoke solutions around client requirements first time every time.

With a strong focus on technology, our in-house team of developers and engineers allow us to seamlessly integrate biometric hardware and software with other applications. Quality is of the absolute essence to us, and where necessary our delivery team will develop required applications to ensure that the client requirements are met.

Access Control Leeds


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