UK’s largest permanent and temporary CCTV provider

With valuable materials and equipment on site, a construction site is a target for criminals. Elite’s range of specialist CCTV Equipment will protect your site day and night.

Flexible Contracts

Flexible weekly hire contracts

Our temporary CCTV equipment can be hired for as long as you need it.

Solar Options

Thermal and solar options available

We will visit your site and discuss with you what option is best for you.

24/7 Monitoring

24/7 remote monitoring services

We will ensure that a trained operative is watching over you 24/7.

The Most Visible Construction Site CCTV on the Market

Visibility is the first stage to protecting your construction site and it’s something we take very seriously. That’s why our CCTV Tower is the only solution in the UK that offers both an imposing 6.2m in height and integrated PA system to provide24-hour deterrence.

CCTV Options

Wired and solar CCTV options

We offer both wired and solar CCTV solutions for your site, meaning that a power supply isn’t a problem for protecting your site. Our solar solutions also have a backup energy source, meaning that we can guarantee continuous power throughout your project.

Temporary CCTV Leeds
Temporary CCTV Leeds

Tamper Proof

Unmovable Weight

If you’re securing your construction site with CCTV, you want to make sure that it can’t be tampered with by prospective intruders. We offer the heaviest CCTV Tower in the market, weighing in at 700kg. Not only is the tower impossible to lift, it’s fitted with feet -not wheels- so these towers will not be moved by people or weather, keeping your site safe & secure.

High Resolution

24/7 HD Clarity Recordings

All of our CCTV Towers are fitted with HD, ColorVu, Acusense Hikvision Cameras as standard, meaning a crystal-clear view of any activity on your site. We save all recordings of your site throughout your project, allowing you to wind back to any point in time and watch the activity.

Temporary CCTV Leeds

Audio interaction

Direct Audio Challenge any Trespasser

If an intruder enters your site, they’re greeted with a personalised warning from our 110 decibel speakers. Our Control Centre can talk directly through the towers, to swiftly (and loudly) challenge anyone with unauthorised access.

Inhouse alarm receiving centre

Our Control Centre implements the highest quality of service available in the country, through our own in-house alarm receiving centre, meaning that you can expect exceptional surveillance and intruder response for your site.

4G CCTV Towers

All of our Construction Site CCTV Towers are fitted with 4G, meaning we can set up the Tower and start recording within minutes.



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