The Mobile CCTV Towers

Rapid Deployment Construction Site Security

CCTV towers provide temporary, fast and secure protection. Our solutions are the solid base for your rapid deployment CCTV security solution.

Temporary, fast and secure protection!

Protect people, sites and assets

Mobile CCTV Towers are used for the protection of unmanned sites and can be used as a temporary installation or to support on-site, manned guarding.

The market for temporary and rapid deployment CCTV systems is growing fast. Savings of 60% can be made over manned guarding costs and intruders can be detected quickly. Minimising damage, loss or delays in ongoing projects.

Typical applications include:

  • Improving safety at major events, festivals, concerts & public gatherings
  • Construction and industrial site security
  • Roadside and traffic monitoring
  • Protecting vacant properties
  • Protecting infrastructure
  • Reducing cable and metal theft
  • Wind and solar farm security
  • Crime hotspots such as car parks or isolated locations
  • Preventing and minimising fire risk
  • Monitoring railroad tracks
Mobile CCTV Towers

Did you know?

Our towers weight more than 400KG!

Mobile CCTV Towers
Mobile CCTV Towers

Completely bespoke

CCTV tower solutions designed for you

Our Mobile Security Box is designed to be compatible with all the major manufacturers of surveillance equipment. It is built with enough space inside to store all your electronic equipment or power, safely inside the vandal resistant box.

This will give you the flexibility to build your own solution, fit for purposes for your market and customer requirements.

The advantage of this is that you are not locked into an expensive pre-built solution. This means that you can save money and time. In addition, you can differentiate your solution with your equipment and branding for your specific market. There are three Mobile Security Boxes in the TelescopicMast range.

Choose the Basic Plus Mast if you need:

  • Lockable roof
  • Anti roof climb protection
  • Heavy-duty mast
  • Heavy-duty ground frame

Choose the Premium Mast if you require:

  • Lockable roof
  • Anti roof climb protection
  • Heavy-duty mast
  • Heavy-duty ground frame

CCTV Tower Products

High quality, carefully selected equipment

We equip our CCTV towers with the highest quality products. Our towers offer unrivalled clarity, speed and precision.

CCTV Cameras

Our towers are fully customisable to ensure you have the protection you require. With a wide selection of CCTV cameras at our disposal we can provide: fixed cameras, high-speed PTZ domes, thermal imaging or ANPR cameras.

Additional Equipment

Alongside CCTV cameras, we can provide an array of additional equipment to further your level of protection. Everything from detection devices, public address and security lighting.

Power Sources

Our towers offer a number of different power sources to ensure your security is always up and running. We utilise a multiple backup sources, sources including: mains power, backup batteries, fuel cells and solar power.

Mobile CCTV Towers

Vandal Resistant Features

High-security, vandal resistant designs

With a built-in 6 metre extendable mast, 4 spoke top mounts, steel cables, vandal resistant locks and incredible total weights our towers are truly made to last and keep your property secure.

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