Mobile CCTV towers from Elite Security

Temporary, fast and secure protection for your construction site.

CCTV Installer Leeds

Protecting your construction site from unwanted access, vandalism and theft

The market for temporary and rapid deployment of CCTV cameras is growing fast. Our mobile CCTV towers are the perfect solution for protecting unmanned sites as well as the workers who use these sites.

CCTV Towers Leeds

60% cost savings over manned guarding

Our mobile CCTV towers can detect intruders from a far and more quickly than a manned guard. This helps to minimise damage, loss or delays in ongoing projects. It also eliminates any risk of the guard being attacked by potential intruders.

These towers are suitable for a wide range of applications not just for construction sites. A few examples would include festivals, concerts, public gatherings and solar farms to name but a few.

CCTV Installer Leeds
CCTV Installer Leeds

CCTV Installer Leeds

Solutions designed by professional CCTV installers around your requirements

We understand that no two working environments are the same. Our mobile security box is designed to be compatible with all major manufacturers of surveillance equipment.

This will give you the flexibility to build your own solution, fit for the purposes of your market and customer requirements.

Mobile CCTV Towers

High-security, vandal-resistant designs

With our mobile CCTV towers, there is no need to worry about potential intruders trying to vandalise the system. Each system has a built-in 6 metre extendable mast, 4 spoke top mounts, steel cables, vandal resistant locks. Each system also weights more than 400KG meaning they’re not going to try and steal the system either.

Although we’re based in Leeds, our systems are available for hire across the whole of the UK. If you would like to know more about availability, please get in touch.


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